"The plant-based subscription box created to bring a smile to your day, in a planet-friendly way"



Made for eco-self-care Queens who want some luxury each month

Every product is tried and tested by us

We choose quality over quantity every time

One-of-a-kind treat boxes filled with sweet treats and luxurious lifestyle items

Perfect gift for her

Vegan and eco-friendly

New surprise theme every month

Every box includes our exclusive choccy bar (created by us especially for the Do Good Feel Good box)

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What's Inside?

Shhhhh it's a surprise!

Each month we'll choose a theme you'll love with different products but you'll always get an exclusive choccy bar exclusive for the box, pick n mix sweets, self care items & we only support other independent businesses.


Why you'll love the Do Good Feel Good Box

Earth Friendly

We only include materials & packaging that's at the very least - recyclable, & we only use the tastiest vegan products in our boxes; as well as being 100% cruelty-free

Well-Being Friendly

Each surprise box will give you that feel good dopamine hit that we all need more of. Our lives are filled with many stressors so we're helping you unwind for some you time

Human Friendly

Happiness & joy make the world go round & we LOVE to spread it. The main goal for the DGFG box is to bring some sunshine to your day. Happiness is contagious after all

Do you want something to look forward to that makes you happy and relaxed?

Are you looking for ways to be more sustainable?

Are you fed up of choosing between indulging in a tasty sweet treat and being eco-friendly?

Or are you looking for the perfect gift for your girl?

If you're nodding away like the Churchill doggo, you're in the right place my friend!

Why is the Do Good Feel Good Box subscription the best indulgent self-care subscription box? 👇

- 100% plant-based and eco-friendly so the planet feels good too

- One-of-a-kind, monthly themed boxes to bring something new to your day

- Sustainable packaging - because our future is important too!

- Tasty sweet treats & lifestyle items that are guilt free and tried and tested by us

- Learn new ways to be sustainable - because every little bit helps!

- Each box has a surprise inside - from luxury lifestyle products, exclusive choccy bars & special goodies

Do good and feel good today.

We believe that making sustainable choices shouldn't be hard – and that doing good should make you smile! With our box of goodies, there's always something for self-care built into the day ahead.

We'll be reaching out to everyone who's signed up to the waiting list before we put spaces out to the general public, so if you'd like the chance to get the DGFG subscription box, tap the button below & we'll be in touch when we open the doors up.

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